Walker Branch Cleanup

Each year nearly 3,000 Adopt-A-Stream volunteers remove thirty tons of trash in streams throughout Charlotte and Mecklenburg County! While this may seem like a lot, we still need more help!

There’s approximately 3,000 miles of streams throughout Mecklenburg County and there’s always a lot of trash that ends up in streams after a storm. Rain washes trash from streets into the storm drainage system that leads directly to ponds, streams and lakes. Sometimes people dump trash directly into waterways on purpose. Trash makes our streams and lakes look terrible and harms aquatic habitat. Chemicals that may be in the trash can also degrade water quality. 

Our Pack volunteers to do our part and clean up the Walker Branch Greenway at Rivergate Shopping Center, collecting trash. There are 2 events held each year, one in September and one in March. This event qualifies as a service project required by most ranks (Tigers: GoodKnights #6, Wolf: Council Fire#2, Bear: Paws for Action#4a).

• Wear Class B Uniform

Pack 167 is part of the Apache District within Mecklenburg County Council.

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