Pack Dues


Pack Dues

from 38.00

Our Pack has an annual registration fee. A portion of this fee is paid to the BSA national organization and local Council to maintain our Charter. This covers insurance, a national registration fee, and BSA operating expenses.

The remainder of the registration fee is used by the Pack to pay for Scout awards, Leader training, campsite rentals, Den expenses, Pinewood Derby, crafts supplies, facilities rental, banquet food and decorations, some field trip expenses, etc.

If the annual registration fee places an excessive burden on your family’s finances please contact the Cubmaster, to discuss alternative arrangements.

Joining Scouts is encouraged all year, however, joining as a new Scout after January may not allow enough time to complete the rank requirements. Transfers from another Pack are welcome at any time throughout the year.

Click on the links below to pay your dues. All dues are due December 1.

New Scout: $115.00

New Scout (Sibling): $103.00

Returning Scout: $100.00

Returning Scout (Sibling): $88.00

Lion Scout: $80.00

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